Timeshare Refund or Cancellation

If you have been a victim of Timeshare fraud and misrepresentation, Cancel By Owner will assist you with the cancellation or refund of your Timeshare contract.

Do not spend another minute battling your Timeshare Company alone; we are not a resale, rental or title transfer company. Cancel by Owner is a consumer-based, consumer advocacy organization offering legitimate, fully guaranteed help.

Cancel by Owner has the time, resources and knowledge to assist you with the Timeshare refund or cancellation of your contract.

Protection Of Credit

Credit RatingYour credit rating is important and getting a Timeshare refund or cancellation should not cause undo concern.

In addition to the relief of alleviating your Timeshare financial burden, Cancel By Owner will work with you to protect your credit rating and credit standing so that the cancellation or termination of your contract WILL NOT negatively impact you during or after completion of our services.

Rest assured that Cancel By Owner has worked with many clients in the past and we are experts at protecting credit ratings as related to Timeshare cancellations or refunds.

100% Success Rate

We have been 100% successful in terminating the contract between our clients and the Timeshare company. The Timeshare company would rather comply with the termination of the contract (or Timeshare refund) than face the scrutiny and investigation of the government agencies that have jurisdiction over them and risk losing their brokers or business license.

Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee the termination of your contract through a Timeshare refund, cancellation or other method, or you will be reimbursed 100% of any fees paid to us after deducting reasonable administrative costs and you will get that in writing.

Get Your Timeshare Refund Started

You can start the Timeshare refund process by filling out the form on the right and then let us do the work. We will be conferring with you regularly as your application is reviewed and processed through our Documents Department, Resolution Department, and our Legal Department. At Cancel By Owner, we shoulder the burden of communication between you and the resort or club.